Kganare and Khumalo Incorporated Attorneys (“K&K”) is a wholly black-owned law firm incorporated in 2012.

“K&K Incorporated is featured in Black Business Quarterly Magazine’s 2017 Fourth Quarter Edition. BBQ is a division of Cape Media Corporation and South Africa's premier business-to-business publication that highlights showcases, and celebrates black business excellence.” – BBQ’s website link – link to direct download of the online Edition



“We believe that small is the new big, sustainable is the new growth and trust is the new competitive advantage.”

K&K has offices in the Gauteng and North-West provinces, with two (2) Senior Partners/Directors, supported by legal professional staff, administrative and logistical professionals. Primarily, the vision of the founding members is to offer specialist expertise, personalised service, as well as strategic and creative advice to clients. K&K provides a comprehensive law service founded on legal expertise and built around clients’ needs and expectations. Directors of the firm have extensive experience across a range of legal practice areas with a combined experience of over 10 years since admission as attorneys of the High Court.

It has always been our strategy to gather experience in both public and private sectors in order that we are able to advise clients considerate of technicalities and/or dynamics in both these environments. As a result, our directors had to spend considerable time in both environments prior the establishment of K&K. Above all, we desire for our clients to feel that we are capable of dealing with problems by constantly seeking creative yet commercially sensible solutions.

We are able to undertake legal work across South Africa as well as around the globe, as we have been exposed to and have access to law firms in other jurisdictions (such as the European Union countries, Asia and the continent of Africa).

Being a boutique firm assisted us in going back to the fundamentals which are amongst others, finding a niche in which we have value to add and areas in which we are experts, building long term relationships with clients, making reasonable commitments to clients, and following through. Being a small firm is our greatest strength as our clients can get in touch easily with us, we are flexible, faster and agile, and react quickly to changing market conditions thereby preventing, avoiding or minimizing risk for our clients and/or our firm. We are in a better position to provide a more personal service and offer sincere personal attention to our clients. Some business models change very fast in the market and we are able to adapt more quickly and easily implement methods to increase efficiency.

We harness quality work, combined with reasonable fees, two important aspects we believe create value and could form the basis for establishing a growing base of loyal and long-standing clients. K&K is a firm with low overheads, reliable owners, small number of committed employees, personal client relationships and sustainable business models that drive reasonable profit, which attributes we believe are a great opportunity of our time. Our firm requires fewer resources to operate and allows us to offer reasonable fees, thereby passing financial benefit back to clients one way or another.

We are forced to be innovative, creative and different in order that we stay competitive in the provision of legal services. We are often on the front line, and policies at our firm can be changed as needed immediately to keep ahead of the game. We monitor clients’ feedback, especially those who have switched from larger firms to K&K, and respond accordingly. We have come to realize that the gap of confidence between small companies and big ones is growing and that clients simply do not trust companies anymore, they trust the actual people in the front line.

We are experts in our fields, despite our size, as a result of our involvement with a number of top institutions in the country and global companies. In essence, we:

• have an in-depth understanding of a number of sectors and play an active role within such sectors;
• where there are dependencies within our control or no dependencies at all, we deliver according to clients’ commercial timetable;
• have the experience, technical skills and expertise to exceed clients’ expectations;
• are accountable to clients in terms of the cost pressures clients face and provide value for money; and
• are flexible enough to work as part of clients’ business team as well.

Vision and Mission 

The vision of the founding members is to offer specialist expertise, personalised service, as well as strategic and creative advice to clients, thereby being the pre-eminent and foremost small-medium legal services provider in South Africa and internationally. Our primary objective is to create a high performance workplace characterised by creativity, innovation, security, flexibility and competitiveness.

K&K’s mission is to:

• be an employer of choice, attract and retain the best minds in different areas of the law we specialize in;
• provide innovative, strategic and legal expertise of the highest quality;
• forge lasting personal relationships with our clients;
• provide a cost effective service which is perceived to be value for money by clients;
• be honest, dedicated and committed to our clients' cause; and
• seek strategic associates based locally and abroad who share our vision.